My business is seasonal – can I apply for finance?2020-05-19T23:35:57+00:00

Yes – we help our customers find truck loans tailored around their needs. You can make repayments to a special schedule so you can keep cash flowing.

What other heavy plant can I finance?2020-05-19T23:36:06+00:00

We finance forklifts, tankers, cranes, prime movers and other heavy plant for heavy industry, construction, mining, and more. Not on the list? Ask your friendly consultant for more.

My business needs a tanker/trailer/etc., can I finance it?2020-05-19T23:36:13+00:00

Yes – we finance all types of heavy movers and trucks for business purposes. If it’s big and it moves, we can finance it.

Can I purchase at the end of a lease?2020-06-11T11:10:50+00:00

Yes – your business can purchase by paying out the residual value at the end of any lease term. Or, you can trade it in for a new lease or walk away.

Can I lease a truck/equipment?2020-05-19T23:36:28+00:00

Yes – Yes network of lenders offer leasing options such as an operating lease, finance lease and other flexible leasing products that suit your business.

My business has bad credit. Does that restrict me from applying?2020-05-19T23:36:57+00:00

No – we still work hard to find competitive commercial loan with bad credit across the board for your business.

I need to buy more than one truck for my business, is this possible?2020-05-19T23:36:42+00:00

Yes – we can help businesses of all sizes with finance for an entire fleet of trucks, subject to meeting certain criteria. Ask your consultant for more.

I don’t have a deposit, can I apply?2020-05-19T23:36:49+00:00

Yes – with a chattel mortgage or hire purchase, you can purchase a truck or any equipment without any collateral or deposit. In fact, you can finance extras such as insurance or servicing in the initial loan package.

Can I finance a used truck or equipment?2020-05-19T23:36:37+00:00

Yes! We can find a truck loan for both new and used trucks, heavy movers and many more. This is subject to some conditions – ask your consultant for more.



“Yes Finance got us a really fast approval on our finance for our new work vehicles, thanks so much for coming through when we needed it”



“Thankyou Yes Finance for helping us purchase a new truck for our delivery business, now can take larger clients and expand our operations”



“Was much easier process than I thought it would be, Matt explained everything in a way I could understand and gave me options for my situation, I was able to get a loan for a trailer”.



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